Figs the best food details

Figs the best food details


Figs the best food details

What is figs?

In English it is called fig, while its scientific name is Ficus carica. Scientifically, it is believed that this tree belongs to the Ficus species and is a member of the Mulberry family. The color of its fruit is light yellow, while it can be dark golden or purple after ripening.

The bark of the fig tree is smooth and white in colour. Its tree grows fast mainly in dry and sunny places and the roots are very deep. Also, it can flourish easily in hilly areas. The height of its tree can be up to 7-10 metres. It is believed that the age of a fig tree is about 100 years. It is found in abundance in the Himalayas and Shivalik region. People living in Iran, India and Middle East countries consume it in large quantities. 

Benefits of Figs -

Health can be maintained by consuming figs. Also if there is any disease, the symptoms can be reduced to some extent. Yes, if someone is seriously ill, then it would be right to get treatment from a doctor at this stage. Here we are telling with scientific evidence that how figs are beneficial. Some of this research has been done on animals.

Benefits of figs for digestion and constipation

By consuming figs, the digestive system can work well and the problem of constipation can be avoided. To improve the digestive system, soak two to three figs in water overnight and eat the next morning as such or with honey.

Fiber is needed to improve the digestive system and relieve constipation. At the same time, abundant fiber is found in figs. Therefore, when figs are consumed, the fiber present in them can help in bulking up of stool. Figs can be beneficial for the stomach because of their ability to cleanse the stomach. This is confirmed by the research paper published on the website of NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information).

Benefits of figs for the heart

A test conducted on rats has shown that consumption of figs can improve lipid profile. It has been observed in this research that consuming figs increases the high-density lipoprotein (HDL-C) beneficial for the heart. This property of figs may reduce the adipogenic risk to the heart.

Benefits of figs for weight loss

If someone is thinking of losing weight, then one can take the help of figs. Figs are high in fiber and low in calories. Also, the fat in dried fig fruit is very less (0.56%). Therefore, it may be helpful in losing weight . This is the reason why the benefits of eating figs also include weight loss.

Benefits of figs for cholesterol

 Fig leaves have been shown to have a hypolipidemic effect, which can lower serum levels of lipids called triglycerides and increase good cholesterol (HDL) .  At the same time, another research confirms that there is no change in the level of harmful cholesterol (LDL), triglyceride and total cholesterol by consuming figs .  On the basis of these two studies, it can be said that more research is needed to know what are the benefits of figs for cholesterol.

Benefits of figs for liver

 Along with the fig fruit, its leaves can also be good for health, as the leaves of the fig tree have been found to be effective in keeping the liver healthy.  This is confirmed by a research paper published on the NCBI website.  According to this research, fig leaves have hepatoprotective (liver protection) properties, which can protect the liver from harmful substances.  Fig leaves powder can be consumed for a healthy liver.  Apart from this, its benefits can be taken by making tea from fig leaves.

Benefits of figs for diabetes

There are many such beneficial elements present in fig leaves, which are beneficial for diabetic patients. A research done on rats shows that ethyl acetate extract is found in fig leaves. It may exhibit antidiabetic effects by stimulating insulin production through pancreatic beta cells. Therefore, the benefits of eating figs include prevention of diabetes Trusted Source .

To reduce the effects of diabetes, you can make and consume fig leaf tea. Boil four-five leaves of fig in hot water and drink it after boiling. Apart from this, first dry the fig leaves and then grind them into powder. Now make tea from this powder and drink it.

Benefits of figs in preventing cancer

Figs the best food details

Cancer is a deadly disease and for its treatment, one needs to undergo extensive medical procedures, but this serious disease can be avoided by taking care of diet and routine. Consumption of figs can be helpful in preventing cancer. Fig fruit can reduce the risk of stomach and breast cancer.

According to another research, proteolytic enzymes are found in the latex of figs, which have anticarcinogenic effects. Therefore, cancer cell lines may be sensitive to it. From this it can be inferred that the consumption of figs can hinder the growth of cancer cells present in the stomach. According to a research conducted on rats, the latex of figs can inhibit the growth of tumors. Therefore, consuming figs regularly can prevent cancer.

Benefits of figs for bones

 Figs can be considered a good source of calcium, potassium and magnesium.  All these qualities are necessary to strengthen the bones of the body.  The beneficial elements of figs can work effectively on the bones, which can increase their strength.  There is no doubt that calcium is essential for bones.  This is the reason why it is recommended to eat figs for bone health, because calcium is found in plenty in figs.

Benefits of figs for blood pressure

 It has been confirmed in many scientific researches that if figs are consumed regularly, blood pressure can be kept balanced.  Flavonoids, phenol and potassium found in figs together can reduce the risk of high blood pressure and keep it balanced.  By keeping the blood pressure balanced, the compounds of figs can also prove to be effective in protecting against coronary heart disease.  However, more research is needed to know which of its compounds can keep blood pressure normal .

Source of Energy

 The body needs energy for running throughout the day.  To maintain this energy, it may be better to include figs in your diet along with food.  Dried figs contain 249 calories, which can provide enough energy to the body .  Therefore, the benefits of eating figs also include keeping energy levels better.

Antioxidant properties of figs

 Khan of properties Fig has been considered a major source of antioxidants.  Due to the antioxidant effect, figs can protect against many diseases by eliminating free radicals in the body.  Consuming figs increases the antioxidant capacity in the body.  This allows antioxidants to reduce the effects of oxidative stress in the body.  Thus it can be said that this quality of fig can be beneficial for the body.  Research available from NCBI also states that figs must be included in your diet.

Benefits of eating figs for sexual power

 Where the consumption of figs can prevent all kinds of diseases, it can increase fertility and sexual power.  According to a study published on the NCBI website, extracts of fig leaves can increase the quality and quantity of sperm.  The antioxidant properties found in it can protect the sperms from any kind of damage .  At the same time, the fertility of women can also be improved by consuming dried figs .  Yes, if someone's problem is serious, then he must get treatment from a doctor.

Benefits of eating figs to increase immunity

If our immunity is not good, then many diseases surround our body. Therefore, if immunity is to be improved, then consumption of figs can be beneficial for that. Compounds called polysaccharides are found in figs, which have immunomodulatory effects. Immunomodulator works to improve immunity. Therefore, consuming figs daily may be beneficial.

Properties of figs in preventing wrinkles

Untimely wrinkles on the face prove to be a stain on beauty. To avoid this, figs can be used. Fig juice can reduce levels of skin melanin and sebum (a type of oil produced by the body). Also, it can keep the skin hydrated. Therefore, figs can be used as a remedy for hyperpigmentation, acne and wrinkles.

Benefits of figs for hair

Often hair loss starts due to nutritional deficiencies. According to a research done on rats, a formula prepared by combining figs with natural ingredients such as coconut oil and soybeans can stimulate hair growth by increasing the production of beta carotene . At the same time, research has found that the extract of fig leaves can be beneficial in preventing problems like androgenic alopecia (a type of baldness). The anti-inflammatory and anti-androgen properties present in it may be helpful in maintaining healthy hair.

How to use: Prepare a paste by mixing two spoons of gram flour in two spoons of curd.  Mix 10 drops of fig oil in this paste.  Now apply this paste all over your hair and leave it for an hour.  After this wash the hair with a good shampoo.  This will make the hair long, thick and strong.

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 Know further in the article how to use it to get the nutrients of figs.

Figs the best food details

Use of figs – How to use Figs

 As mentioned in the beginning of this article, figs can be eaten either as a fruit or dried.  To get the medicinal properties of figs, it can be eaten in various ways mentioned here.

 The right way to eat figs is to either eat them as such or peel them off.

 It is easy to take dry figs with you wherever you go.  So, if you are going on a trip, you can take figs with you.

 It can also be eaten by adding it to sandwiches or salads.  This will not only increase the taste of sandwiches and salads, but will also provide essential nutrients.

 Fresh fig fruit can also be eaten garnished on top of cake or ice cream.

Dried figs have a higher sugar content than fresh ones. So, if you make any sweet dish at home, you can use it instead of sugar. This will not only enhance the taste of the sweet dish, but will also provide essential nutrients by eating it.

 Figs can also be used while making cakes, puddings and jams etc.

Dried figs are also used when making muesli bars and porridge. This is included in the way of eating figs.

 Dry figs can also be put in soup.

 In some places, fig paste can be used instead of sugar.

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 After knowing how to eat figs, let us know further in the article how figs can be kept safe for a long time.

How to preserve figs for a long time?  – How to Store Figs 

 Fresh figs are delicate, so mostly dried figs are used.  Come, let us know how both types of figs can be kept safe.

 The shelf life (i.e. expiry date) of fresh figs is not very long.  So, when you buy them from the market, immediately cover them in a zip pouch or plastic bag and keep them in the fridge.

 Slightly ripe figs can be kept at room temperature.  Just keep in mind that they do not come in contact with the sun's rays until they are fully cooked.

 Keep one thing in mind that the fruits of fresh figs get spoiled quickly, so try to finish them within two-three days.

 Dried figs can be stored for a long time.  Then whether you keep it in the fridge or keep it in a dry and dry place.

 Figs can be stored in a sealed container for more than three months.

 Figs also come in sealed cans, which have a shelf life of about 6 months, but once the can is opened, they should be used within a week.

 The right way to eat figs is to always wash them and eat them.

Figs the best food details

 Disadvantages of Figs – Side Effects of Figs

 Excessive consumption of figs can also cause harm, which is as follows:

 Figs should be consumed in a balanced quantity, otherwise the sugar present in it can cause obesity.

 People with high blood pressure are advised to eat figs, so that the amount of blood glucose and insulin can be balanced.  Therefore, people with low blood pressure should consume it after consulting a doctor, otherwise their blood pressure may drop further .

 Individuals with sensitive skin may sometimes experience irritation and itching from fig leaves.  The furocoumarins present in it can cause skin problems .

 Some people may also be allergic to eating figs, so before eating it, do ask your doctor once .

 This article explains how figs can be naturally beneficial for health.  How to consume figs is also included in this article.  The information given along with the facts in this article about figs will definitely be useful to the readers.  From this information it is concluded that figs can provide many nutrients to the body.  Along with the benefits of figs, there are also disadvantages of figs.  Therefore, before consuming figs, do ask your doctor once and also find out how you should consume it.  Do share this article with your friends to make people aware of the medicinal properties of figs.

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